APS Upgrade Service Description

Axiomatics provides expert services to help our customers adopt Attribute Based Access Control, train internal teams and stay up-to-date on the latest versions and advanced usage. We also work with many integration partners that help with product implementation, you can find them here. 

What is the service?

The APS Upgrade Service is a service offering where the goal is to bring a customer to a more current version of Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) and migrate any policy or configuration necessary. A consultant for the Axiomatics services team will meet with you to understand the effort, provide you a quote for Time and Materials, with options if appropriate, and implement the services required once retained. The APS Upgrade Service will support upgrade of the underlying platform where applicable to the product.

What are the benefits?

Customers upgrade for many reasons. Sometimes it is to take advantage of new features in more recent versions of APS. Sometimes the underlying platform (usually the Java EE container) needs to be upgraded for security or deprecation reasons. In addition to these explicit benefits, customers will also receive a free health check with any paid upgrade service engagement. Axiomatics support will be fully engaged for the duration of the APS Upgrade Service for 24x7 phone and email support.

Who is the service is ideal for?

Customers in production on any major version older than that of the current APS version are well suited for the APS Upgrade Service, especially if they have custom PIP, PDP or PEP components. Axiomatics professional services will provide estimates based on the work required and provide the appropriate amount of help, from expert services only to full hands-on implementation.

Additional details

Axiomatics will provide a guide on where services are needed versus a do-it-yourself upgrade with support, covered under the existing maintenance contract. A health check will also be provided within one month of the services provided, based on the visibility allowed for policies and data.

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