Solutions by Business Challenge


Secure Collaboration

Share information securely and effectively

Safeguard sensitive information, while providing access to those that need it under the right conditions.

Risk-Aware Controls

Reduce fraud without sacrificing agility

Manage transactions in real-time in accordance with regulations and corporate risk strategies.

Efficient Software Development

Cut the code: write once, use many

Reduce development costs with an industry standard, centrally managed system.  

Regulatory Compliance

Don't let GRC hold back your business

Enforce state, regional, national and corporate regulations, when and where they are relevant.

Solutions by Product


Axiomatics Policy Server (APS)

The world's leading solution for Dynamic and Externalized Authorization Management based on the fastest XACML conformant authorization engine on the market.

Data bases

Axiomatics Data Access Filter (ADAF)

Policy-based authorization on the data layer brings security to a new level. By filtering data based on user permissions it applies security at the source.

prod auditing review

Axiomatics Review Manager and Policy Auditor

Visibility into access control and access review reporting are critical pieces to ensuring compliance is met within ABAC implementations. 


Integrations for 3rd party products

Connecting end-to-end you traverse IT layers via portals, XML gateways, ESBs and so on, which is why Axiomatics brings integrations to achieve multi-layered security.


SmartGuard for Big Data

Dynamic big data protection against unauthorized access only allows users or applications access to the data they are entitled to.


APS Upgrade Service Description

Axiomatics provides expert services to help our customers adopt Attribute Based Access Control, train internal teams and stay up-to-date on the latest versions and advanced usage.

Solutions by Industry



Reduces internal fraud risks, enforce real-time authorization controls and roll-out new services quicker.


Provide the right information to all stakeholders in the claims process, while safeguarding all sensitive data.


Collaborate securely and effectively with other laboratories and speed up time-to-market.



Meet strict and ever-changing export control regulations and secure intellectual property.


Share patient records between relevant healthcare workers, while safeguarding patient privacy.

Federal Government

Meet mission-critical access control needs for your agency with ABAC.


Public Sector

Improve inter-department collaboration, enhance e-services and comply with privacy regulations.


Protect the production and distribution of media inline with corporate policies and contractual agreements.

Energy & Utilities

Protect data, ward off insider threats, collaborate securely, and maintain customer delivery seamlessly.

Solution by Role

role business

Process owners

The ability of co-workers to collaborate among themselves or with customers and partners depends on information exchange. When sensitive information is at stake access control becomes key.

role architect

Dynamic authorization, secure by design

Externalized authorization creates a clean separation of concerns. Move authorization to a centralized authorization service and enforce policy decisions at sensitive access points.

role developer

Write once - use many times

Focus on the fun part and deliver on functional requirements. Using policy enforcement from Axiomatics, you free your code from cumbersome and ever-changing authorization logic.

role audit

Who has access? Where, when, why and how?

Policy control at a central point gives a complete overview. Rather than reverse-engineering the effects of role assignments, you verify enforcement of corporate policies.