Axiomatics Policy Server (APS)

The world's leading solution for Dynamic and Externalized Authorization Management based on the fastest XACML conformant authorization engine on the market.

Data bases

Axiomatics Data Access Filter (ADAF)

Policy-based authorization on the data layer brings security to a new level. By filtering data based on user permissions it applies security at the source.

prod auditing review

Axiomatics Review Manager and Policy Auditor

Visibility into access control and access review reporting are critical pieces to ensuring compliance is met within ABAC implementations. 


Integrations for 3rd party products

Connecting end-to-end you traverse IT layers via portals, XML gateways, ESBs and so on, which is why Axiomatics brings integrations to achieve multi-layered security.


SmartGuard for Big Data

Dynamic big data protection against unauthorized access only allows users or applications access to the data they are entitled to.


APS Upgrade Service Description

Axiomatics provides expert services to help our customers adopt Attribute Based Access Control, train internal teams and stay up-to-date on the latest versions and advanced usage.