Complex IT environments, especially within verticals that require strict control of sensitive assets, all benefit from moving to an Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) approach to ensure only authorized users access and share sensitive data. ABAC helps facilitiate regulatory compliance, especially in cases where there is a balance between the need to protect critical data and simultaneously open up access to this data.

Axiomatics’ products have been developed to further simplify the process, and ensure checks and balances, along with the right reporting are available throughout the access control lifecycle.

Gap Analysis, Access Review Governance
Control over the access control lifecycle is imperative in an ABAC deployment - and for many security professionals, visibility and reporting of access control is critical. Axiomatics offers customers a set of add-ons that can be used in conjunction with our core products, the Axiomatics Policy Server and the Axiomatics Data Access Filter, to cover these areas. These tools enable enterprises to review and audit various aspects of the policies in the process to ensure integrity, compliance and quality.

The Axiomatics Review Manager enables users of Axiomatics solutions to create access control reports to be used within review, reporting or audit check processes. 

The Axiomatics Policy Auditor tool is used to explore and analyze access control policies during the authoring and implementation process within an ABAC implementation.