SmartGuardTM for Big Data from Axiomatics is the only Big Data authorization solution to deliver true Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). It protects data stores against unauthorized access; only allowing users or applications access to the data they are entitled to, in accordance with corporate policies.

The data-centric solution adds a dynamic layer of security between applications and big data stores. This enables enterprises to use Big Data more securely to analyze data insights and meet business objectives - such as better product performance or improved service offerings.

Visibility and Control for Access Control

SmartGuard for Big Data facilitates information sharing so that sensitive data can be securely shared with business units, trusted partners and regulatory bodies. It can be deployed on one or multiple applications without any negative impact on latency.

Big Data

Externalizing authorization from individual data silos enables data to be dynamically masked or redacted so that only authorized users can access the right data. User access permissions are based on business policies and enforced in real-time.

Dynamic authorization for new and existing big data deployments

    SmartGuard for Big Data provides unrivaled value for an organization, whether a Big Data project is in progress or in the planning stages. It offers:
  • Data-centric security for Hadoop
  • Cost-effective, standards-compliant protection
  • Visibility and control of authorization policies
  • Dynamic data masking and data filtering at row and cell level
  • Real-time access control for critical assets and intellectual property