Integration with third party products

Connecting end-to-end means traversing multiple layers in IT infrastructures. You log in to an application running locally or perhaps via a web portal. Your request is then redirected to a service powered by an application server which you call via a gateway. The application server, in turn, communicates with back-end servers via some type of message queue.

Infrastructure components such as application servers and the APIs their services publish, business rules engines, portals, plain old web application servers, XML gateways, Web Access Management (WAM) tools, or a message queuing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), they are all examples of potential access points where information is being transferred to clients. Using Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) on all these devices you have a multi-layered approach to acess control.

With integration components Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) protects access on all these different levels. You control which user or service is allowed to request what, where, when, why and how. If Axiomatics does not have ready-made integration for the type of component you use, our Professional Services team is happy to help provide integration modules on-demand.

To find out more about how Axiomatics can help with connectivity in your environment, contact your Axiomatics representative. On this page you find a non-exhaustive list with examples of integrations used by customers.

The Axiomatics CA API Gateway integration greatly enhances the service with Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) that brings context-awareness to authorization decisions enforcing regulatory requirements and business policies.

The Axiomatics Extension for CA Single Sign-On® brings XACML-based authoriztion to Single Sign-On environments. The combination of the rich authentication and authorization services of the CA Single Sign-On product and Axiomatics Policy Server enables a whole new set of opportunities when it comes to sharing business-critical data in web applications. 

Axiomatics provides dynamic authorization on files, folders and other information objects which Microsoft Windows Server can control through the use of SDDL, the Security Descriptor Definition Language. By using Axiomatics Policy Server for this task, you can switch from maintenance of static rules to the use of adaptive Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) policies.